Peach and Arugula Salad with Blue Cheese

by Hilary Gauntt on July 21, 2017

Oh those gorgeous juicy peaches are back, and this is my new favorite way to use them. The recipe came from (of all places) Parade Magazine. Perfect for a night when you already have the barbeque fired up, as you grill the peach slices for about a minute before tossing with arugula, red onion, blue cheese and nuts. A simple balsamic dressing is perfect with this.

The recipe offers options…spinach instead of arugula, goat cheese or feta instead of blue, walnuts, almonds or pecans for the hazelnuts. I have made this twice, both times with feta and almonds. Use what you have on hand; its all good.

1 Tbs. balsamic vinegar

3 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper

2 peaches

5 ounces (about 8 cups) baby arugula

1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion

1 ounce blue cheese

1/4 chopped toasted hazelnuts

Preheat grill to high (or use a grill pan). In a large serving bowl, whisk together the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper to taste; set aside. Halve and pit the 2 peaches; cut each into 6 wedges. Brush wedges with oil; grill 30 seconds on each side. Add the arugula and red onion to the dressing in the bowl; toss gently to coat. Arrange peach slices on top. Garnish with the blue cheese and chopped toasted nuts. Serves 4.

peach salad

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