Roasted Potatoes Pizzaiola

by Hilary Gauntt on February 19, 2014

This is a side dish that gets rave reviews; another terrific recipe from Kathy Santore.  She likes to serve it with a roasted beef filet and horseradish cream sauce, but it truly goes with any main dish.  Easy to transport, so it’s a good one to share as well.

“What I say is that if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”  A.A. Milne

6 medium-size red potatoes

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

1/4 cup plus 2 Tbs. olive oil

2/3 cup fine dry bread crumbs

2/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

2 to 3 large ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced

1 large red onion,  sliced about 1/2 inch thick and separated into rings

2 tsp. dried oregano

Coat a 13 x 9-inch casserole dish with olive oil or cooking spray.  Cut the potatoes into 1/2-inch-thick wedges and put in a large bowl.  Sprinkle with the salt and pepper, add 1/4 cup of the olive oil and toss to coat.

In another large bowl, combine the breadcrumbs and cheese.  Then toss the potatoes in the crumb mixture until well coated.  Transfer to the prepared dish. (At this point you can cover and refrigerate overnight if you wish.)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Top the potatoes with the sliced tomatoes and onion rings.  Sprinkle evenly with oregano and the remaining 2 Tbs. of olive oil.  Bake uncovered for 15 minutes, then reduce the oven temperature to 350 degrees, and continue baking until the potatoes are browned and tender, about another 50 minutes.  Remove from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Note:   Italian Panko is great to use for the crumbs.(You can skip the oregano if you do.)

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